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Problems with SSL VPN client

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Hi, I see this is French community so sorry because I'm writing in English. Can't find english stormshield community. 

I have U250S-A device with 3.7.3. FW

I have downloaded from MyStormshield.eu latest VPN SSL client v  2.8.0.

I have configured my device to allow SSL connections, LDAP, access rights... All is fine as I can see in documentation, and here on this community. But when I test my connection on a client it almost instant says: Unable to connect to the UTM: User not allowed

But user is allowed in Users>access privileges>detailed access

I don't see anything in my UTM log, no connection attempts. 

On client this connection attempt goes too fast with that error. Am I missing somethnig?

In my client log last line is "Need hold release from management interface, waiting..."

Thank you !



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